Are you a hero?

It seems to me there are four types of hero’s;

  • One rides a white charger, is clad in shining armour and has flags waving as he/she rides toward sure death with the willingness to sacrifice his/her life in an attempt to preserve the innocent. These hero’s have good hearts and intend well but they frequently cause death and destruction in their wake. This type of hero is a figurehead a symbol of courage and sacrifice, often effective once and forever admired by history, particularly after their death.
  • The second is the accidental hero. The person who is on the spot and the only one who can step in to help another. Time to choose the action is limited and the heroic act is often adrenaline dependant. These people frequently deny being a hero saying that they only did what anyone would do.
  • The third type of hero is the prescribed hero. Little choice is given to these hero’s they follow orders and are trained to act in highly volatile situations. They are often employed in the military and are at times called on to make the ultimate sacrifice.
  • The fourth hero is the one who is willing to face their own demons, they work on themselves with the aim of fully embracing who they are. They face their shadow side with courage and determination and aim to become the best person they can while also accepting themselves as they are in the present moment. This hero will make a difference in their relationships with others and ultimately they enrich and make a difference in the world. They work tirelessly behind the scenes to support and empower others so that they can find their own courage to move forward toward growth and empowerment. These hero’s are often unseen and unacknowledged, their goal is to support themselves and others. They light the way rather than lay claim to being the light.

Living a full and productive life that is generous, loving and encouraging is not easy – it is in my opinion the relentless life of a true hero – a life that lays the ground work that enables others to be the best people they can be, this hero helps others towards empowering themselves. What a gift this hero is to all who encounter him/her. He/she is not remembered in history books but in the hearts and lives of those they encounter. This hero works open heartedly to support others and encourages them toward their own heroism and in this way the story continues to repeat itself.

You will inevitably be a hero to someone– but which kind? – choose

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